Overhaul of the Federal Child Support Guidelines and Child Support Tables

This campaign seeks to have the Liberal Party  task an independent body to overhaul the Federal Child Support Guidelines and Support Tables.


The findings of the attached Canada Court Watch report from 2008 should serve as a guideline for the overhaul of these Guidelines and task the government with considering the well-being and best interests of all children that are affected by the support payers' obligation to pay child support, not merely the children names in the Separation or Court order Agreement.

Currently, Canada's child tax credits and support guidelines favour support receiving households disproportionately, as outlined in the following report:


I implore you to read these findings and champion the reform that is necessary to these guidelines. There seems to be no onus on the receiving parent to continue to work (if they do not choose to), and punishments for payer parents that continue to work to support children. Should the recipient parent not financially contribute to the child in a meaningful way, the burden falls to the working parent. This seems unfair and not in keeping with the idea that custodial parents ought to act in the best interests of their children of equality in the eyes of the law.


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